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Southwest Civic Winds


REVISED 10/10/2020

Southwest Civic Winds is a diverse group of musicians with the shared goal of keeping the culture of symphonic bands alive in the Four Corners community. Established in 2012 by Dr. Mark Walters and Ruth M. Katzin, SWCW presently has an average of 50 performers at each concert. The full symphonic instrumentation allows us to play diverse, exciting, and challenging literature.

The SWCW provides the community with a professional, mature, nurturing environment for musicians who contribute their time and talents, such as offering side-by-side performance opportunities for area high school student musicians.


As a 501c3 non-profit organization, Southwest Civic Winds has a mission to establish a cultural resource for the communities in the Four Corners. To meet this goal, we strive to:


  • Provide an opportunity for adult musicians to rehearse and perform quality symphonic band    

       literature while developing their musical skills through ensemble performance.

  • Provide musical programs of the highest standards for audiences throughout the Four Corners.

  • Present each musician with an opportunity to experience a positive and creative outlet with  

      social interaction.

  • Preserve the rich heritage that community bands have long provided to communities by

      entertaining the general public through live performances and by  providing a source of cultural    

      pride for the citizens of the southwest.


The Southwest Civic Winds is governed by a Board of Directors that is responsible for the business and cultural affairs of the Civic Winds. The Board of Directors is comprised of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and officers-at-large. Please review the Southwest Civic Winds By-Laws for specifics on the governing officer’s duties and responsibilities.

Rhonda Muckerman - Southwest Civic Winds’ Artistic Director                                   

Jared Wright - Assistant Director and Civic Winds’ Jazz Orchestra Artistic Director 


Board Members:

Ruth M. Katzin – Co-Founder, President

Dan Fear – Vice President, Social Media, Promotion

May Koenig – Recording Secretary (Minutes)

Karen Mesikapp – Correspondence Secretary (Social)

Bob Waggoner – Treasurer

Scott West – Marketing, Advertising, Promotion

Diann Cates – Website, Historian

Jared Wright – Videos, Technical Advisor

Priscilla Lukens – Librarian / Assistant: Karen Mesikapp

Jan Patton - Membership

Elizabeth Crawford – Fundraising, Grant Writer

Charles Baltzer – Fundraising

Ruth Katzin and Rhonda Muckerman – Fundraising, Sponsorships

Paul Boyer – Venues, Calendar

Kevin Martin – Percussion Manager

Rodney Ritthaler



Literature Selection: Concert literature for each season is chosen by the Artistic Director. Any comments on literature selection should be directed in writing to the Artistic Director. 

Distribution: The Librarian distributes the music via email. It is the member’s responsibility to print it, and bring it to rehearsals. Please contact the Librarian if you have problems receiving the music.



Attendance: Group rehearsal time is limited and valuable. It is vital that members attend all rehearsals. If you have an emergency situation preventing you from attending, please contact the Artistic Director. A musician may be removed from the roster at the Director’s discretion for lack of attendance or for last-minute withdrawals from a concert event.



You are responsible for your own transportation and travel expenses. Carpooling is encouraged.   



Individual musicians are responsible for their own instruments, with the exception of large percussion equipment.


Performances/Concert Schedule

The SWCW performs a minimum of three concert events annually at various venues throughout the Four Corners Region. Generally, these concert events are held in the fall, spring, and July. The SWCW will notify you of the yearly rehearsal and performance dates with as much advance notice as possible.


Covid-19 protocol

Southwest Civic Winds will adhere to existing Covid-19 protocol as suggested by the State of Colorado and San Juan Basin Health Department and/or the department of health for the state and county in which any rehearsals or concerts are played.

Concert Attire  

Outdoor concerts: white tops and black bottoms. Attire may be casual, yet professional.  Indoor concerts: concert black. Ladies, ¾ or long sleeves, calf length or long skirt or dress, or dress pants, and black stockings and black shoes. Gentlemen: black slacks, shoes and socks, long-sleeved black collar shirt with black tie.  Black suit coat. Questions about attire can be directed to section leaders.



Based on a musician’s prior performance experience, an audition may be required for membership into the ensemble. For advanced musicians, this audition may also be used to evaluate your level of playing for higher placement in the section. Audition material will be selected by the director and may be reviewed by an audition committee appointed by the director.  



Adult wind and percussion musicians may access a membership form from info@southwestcivicwinds.org  Membership is pending approval of the Artistic Director. There are no formal fees for participation in Southwest Civic Winds. It is, however, appropriate for members to recognize the tremendous value of making music with other dedicated adult musicians under the guidance of a professional artistic director. There are costs associated with running a quality band – contributions are gladly accepted.


Section Leaders

The section leader is an asset to the director and a resource for the performers.  Section leaders are assigned by the Artistic Director for each rehearsal/concert event. He or she will assist the director by answering rehearsal and concert related questions or any other responsibilities deemed necessary by the Director. The section leader will help build camaraderie within its members.  If you have any questions regarding your section leader, please contact the Membership Chair.



Code of Conduct: SWCW operates absolutely and completely without discrimination. The use of alcohol or mind altering drugs is prohibited at all SWCW rehearsals and performances.  All band members will show respect to each other and the audience. Band members are representatives of Southwest Civic Winds and will conduct themselves in a professional manner.


Communications and Procedures

Members are encouraged to take all questions or comments to their section leaders or to members of the board. Any actions, proposals or undertakings on behalf of the Southwest Civic Winds must be reviewed and accepted by the Board of Directors prior to implementation. A written description should be presented to the Board for approval well in advance. All actions, proposals or undertakings shall not interfere nor affect the normal operations of the Southwest Civic Winds schedule.


SWCW Ensembles

Instrumental sections of the Southwest Civic Winds may choose to form ensembles for their own pleasure, for possible performances at SWCW concerts, or for volunteering at hospitals, assisted living homes, senior centers, and the like. All presentations or performances under the name of Southwest Civic Winds must be comprised of members in good standing. All presentations or performances under the name of Southwest Civic Winds must be approved by the Board. All ensembles will meet the performance and professional standards set forth for the Southwest Civic Winds.


Player Representation 

If you are interested in being an ensemble representative at the SWCW Board Meetings, please notify any board member.


Volunteers are Needed

Southwest Civic Winds needs volunteers to help with concert set-up, break-down, and other related chores. There will be a sign-up sheet at rehearsals. Family members are also welcome to sign up.


Press Release Form

By participating in this ensemble, you authorize The Southwest Civic Winds to publish any video or photograph taken of you while in rehearsals or any performances of the ensemble for advertisements and promotional purposes.

The Southwest Civic Winds Handbook will be reviewed and revised by the Board of Directors annually or as needed.